All started back in 1974, when at only 14 years a firm in my town employed me as apprentice.

After some years I could tune my first piano and in that moment I understood I found the profession of my life. After 34 years I am still convinced I made the right choice.

To be a good piano tuner it is important, but not enough. One should be good also at repairing, to be an all-round professional, as it is not always possible to tune new pianos, sometimes it happens to find instruments in bad state, that once made dream with their sound, but then they become only piece of furniture.

With professionalism and patience of job, I bring back to life instruments addressed to be thrown away, or worst, defined from some colleagues, wood to burn.

Going back to my youth, for 16 years I have been working for the same firm, which thing enabled me to meet and work for famous pianists like Nikita Magaloff, Bruno Canino, Paolo Conte and many others. I attended the Olimpico theatre Of Vicenza for Solisti Veneti and many halls: Sala Verdi of Milan, Teatro Civico of Vercelli. I attended Concorso Viotti where I could meet master Joseph Tobbone.

Started from 1990 I had the possibility to work on my own, diversifying and enlarging however my way of working. Now I carry out more detailed works, not limited to the spinet replacement and mechanic only, but after having taken away the frame from the piano, I thread eventual cracks on the harmonic board and restore partially the furniture.

Today I am well known in my town and surrounding area, I collaborate with some musical schools: Toscanini of Verbania, Istituto Musicale Puccini of Gallarate.

I attend various hotels, once for all Hotel Billia of Saint Vincent, I have been following for 16 years the Musical September of Orta Villa Tallone and I prepare the Bechstein piano for the concerts of Villa Volpi of Ghiffa.

From 1974 my commitment is still the same: to give the voice back to many new and old pianos, with seriousness and professionalism.




Luca Soldera                            

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